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411726100004 Dell Dimension 2400 Motherboard, P/N: 411726100004

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SKU: 20977P   Condition: New, Replacement Parts for Dell Dimension 2400   P/N: 4.11726E+11   Availability: Sold out
Retail Price: $212.50
Sale: $170.00
You Save: $42.50 (20%)
Features / Specifications

411726100004 Dell Dimension 2400 Motherboard, P/N: 411726100004

  • Processor Supported: Intel 478-Pin processor, 400Mhz FSB
  • Chipset: Intel 845GV chipset
  • Videocard: Integrated Intel Extreme graphics
  • Sound: Integrated Soundmax Sound
  • Memory Supported: DDR memory (one module)
  • Networking: Integrated 10/100 Ethernet

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